Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Job Confusion

I am in angst again over my job situation (new job, not old job). I feel that I acted in haste and now am worried that I made the wrong choice. I am not sure how I am going to cope with having no alone time whatsoever.

My gut is saying work a late shift, so that I can have my mornings to myself. This has been the most soul renewing part of my time off- the quiet mornings I spend alone. I also am concerned that although I love children, working with them impairs my ability to be patient and tolerant of my own children. I feel that I would be better suited to a job in retail, until my children are grown.

Unfortunately though, I have made a commitment and so I have to follow through with it at least until May. If I find that this job/schedule doesn't work for me, I can make a change after taking the summer off to spend not working, but playing with my kids.

The upsides to this job is that it allows me to be home when they are home, with the exception of some school holidays that I don't have off, and allows me summers off. That means no day care for the girls, which is preferable for me. They seem to need a lot more down time, like I do.

We will see how this works out starting the Tuesday after Labor Day. I hope all goes well. It would be nice if it worked out to my benefit considering the summers off.

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