Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Commercial for the Kindle

As I have said before, I was a devout "real book" fan. I never thought a Kindle would replace my bookshelf... until I got one. I LOVE it! I despise reading on the computer. It hurts my eyes, and there isn't a comfortable reading position when you are holding a laptop. The Kindle is nothing like reading on the computer. The screen has such a "flat, matte" finish that it doesn't feel any different that reading a page of paper. It is light, portable, and the size of a smallish trade paperback. I can read in bed with my headlamp on just like I do with any ordinary book. I thought I would hate that it wasn't backlit (because I do most of my reading at bedtime with the lights out), until I realized that it would be impossible to read in sunlight like my cell phone often is. It is no biggie. I have an Energizer headlamp (bought at Walmart in the camping section for around $12) that I have always used to read in bed (the small directed light is less distracting when hubby is trying to sleep). This works perfectly. I love that I have dozens of books in my purse at all times - fiction, non-fiction, kids' books, the Bible- whatever I am in the mood if I get stuck somewhere. This is the pinnacle of my testimonial- last night, I actually reached up to turn the page before realizing that it was the Kindle and not a book.

In short, I thought I would never love an electronic device like I love the weight and feel of a paper book in my hands, but I do. And I am no techie. I just convinced hubby to downgrade my phone because it is too hard for me to use. I don't aspire to anything but my netbook and my Kindle, though I am excited to get a Blackberry phone (yea! keys! I hate touch screens) and I do like my Ipod for when I cannot read (like while I am driving- yikes).

So my advice is that if you are serious about minimizing your book collection, you will love the Kindle. I wish I was half as motivated to finish that bookshelf full of books to read as I was to look for new books on the Kindle...

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